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3M Medical Tape Micropore Paper 3" X 10 Yards (#1530-3, Sold Per Piece)


3M Medical Tape Micropore Paper 3" X 10 Yards (#1530-3, Sold Per Piece)

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Product Description

  • Regain your confidence whether it may be at home or the gym as you push through your drills like never before as our tape helps reduce Plantar Fasciitis & chronic muscular pain that may be holding you back.
  • Trapped moisture or high levels of compression can result in irritation of the skin.
  • Made of porous fabric, has bacon strips, which is soft and safe for your skin with function of ventilation.
  • Stretchy fabric: very soft, easy to wrap, can be torn with hand, no need to use scissors, which is breathable and safe for your skin
  • Suitable for body parts, such as ankle, wrist, finger and so on, can provide for swelling, dressing woounds, sprain and general soreness, also suitable for pets.
  • This self-adhering ability so that the tape doesn't loosen and fall off easily.
  • No more worries about pricky pins! It’s perfect for playful children!
  • The tape is extra large and adheres to itself.
  • It doesn’t adhere well to other surfaces such as hair or skin. Now no more struggles when pulling off bandages.

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