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3m Tegaderm Foam Dressing (non-Adherent) 4 x 4 in./


3m Tegaderm Foam Dressing (non-Adherent) 4 x 4 in./

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Product Description

  • Conforms to body contours and provids maximum patient comfort.
  • Easy to put on and take off and helps them heal quicker.
  • Provides moist wound healing environment and delivers calm and sooth sensation to the patient.
  • Enhanced wet and dry strength for easy apply and remove.
  • Conforms to the wound shape: Can be cut and shaped for wound bed, and be layered for deep wounds and packed for cavities.
  • Intended for moderate to heavily exuding wounds like partial and full thickness burns, donor sites, diabetic foot ulcer, leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, cavity wounds and most other granulating wounds.
  • Wound pads do not stick to skin, hair compared with regular gauze bandage that might stick to your skin, irritate or scratch, the dressing protect the nerve terminals, reduces pain and easy to be peeled off.
  • Prevents secondary damage and minimizes pain during dressing removal and change

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