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CruisePaks Cruise Ready First-Aid & Essentials Travel Kit 250Piece

$85.99 $69.99
(You save $16.00)

CruisePaks Cruise Ready First-Aid & Essentials Travel Kit 250Piece

$85.99 $69.99
(You save $16.00)
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Product Description

We Have Been on Many Cruises, and always manage to get stuck buying the Overpriced Products on the Ship. Not only do they Over-Charge, but the Stores Close Early and Some sicknesseslike an Upset Stomachcan't wait.

So, We Made Our Own Kits with Everything Needed to AID/Prevent:

  • Pain/Fever/Cramps/Aches/Oral Pain
  • Upset Stomach/Indigestion/Diarrhea
  • Cold/Flu/Cough/Allergies
  • Motion Sickness/Dizziness/Nausea
  • Dehydration/Fatigue
  • Cuts/Scrapes/Wounds
  • Insect Bites/Itching
  • Dry Skin/Lips

But Also, SunScreen, Insect Repellant, Sanitizer, Thermometers, Eye Wash, Safety Pins, Rain Ponchos, Splinter Kit, Pen Light, Device & Lens Cleaning Wipes, Sewing Kit, and Added Storage For anything Else You May Need.


First aid & Emergency:

Scissors (1), Strip Bandage(8), Knuckle Bandage(8), Patch Bandage(8), Spot Bandage(8), Elastic Bandage(1), Gauze Pads(4), Nitrile Gloves(2),Eye Wash(1),Thermometer(4), Large Rain Poncho(2), Safety Pins(4), Sting Relief Wipes(8), Antiseptic Wipes(8), Insect Repellent(8), Sunscreen(8), Hand Sanitizer(8), Hydrocortisone Cream(8), Triple Antibiotic Ointment(8), Oral Pain Relief(8), Lip Balm(8), Surface Disinfectant Wipes(2), Bug-X(5), Skin Lotion(6), Vomit Bag(2), Ear Plugs(2), Splinter Outs(4), Burn Gel(6), Pen Light(1), Device Wipes(4), Lens Cleaner(4), Sewing Kit(2)


Pain Relief:
I-Prin 2/Pack(6), APAP Extra Strength 2/Pack(6), Cramp Tabs 2/Pack(6)
Decorel Forte Plus 2/Pack(6), Medikoff Drops(8), CCP 2/Pack(6), Diphen 1/Pack(6), Chlorphen 1/Pack(6)
Upset Stomach:
Alcalak 2/Pack(6), Diotame 2/Pack(6), Diamode 2/Pack(6)
Energy & Recovery:
Medi-Lyte 2/Pack(Hydration)(8), Medi-Meclizine(Motion Sickness)(8), Energy Drink Mix(4)


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