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Safe & Disposable Adult Incontinence Products

Incontinence products or adult diapers are essential solutions to urinary incontinence. Incontinence products make it possible for you and your loved ones to work or sleep without much worry about soiling clothing or bed. The evolving incontinence products have become thinner, discreet & extra-absorbent, and available with proper fitting & protection for every patient. But while selecting incontinence products, you need to make decisions based on how much absorbency you require to maintain your dignity and comfort while taking care of your skin health.

Choosing the right incontinence products for protection

Briefs (diapers with tape tabs)

Adult briefs provide enhanced protection from both urine & stool. All these products are suited for those with limited activity & mobility. It also depends on your care & quite hard to fit. So, you have to look, if it is for you or not.

Underwears (Stylish & Protective)

Patients who are looking for protective underwear have a choice to select from light to absorb wetness for the entire night. These new & stylish Underwears are soft, form-fitting, and can be worn under the clothing without any discomfort.

These types of Underwears are available in a wide variety of designs from unisex, gender-specific with target wetness areas. They are specially designed for overnight comfort & security too.

Things to consider while selecting the correct incontinence product   

All the incontinence products that you are looking for are different from their manufacturer, size & level of absorbency. You will be provided with all kinds of incontinence products available that will make it less stressful for you. Now take a look at the things you should consider:-

Fit Incontinence products

Products on Adult Incontinence come in a wide variety of sizes. They are designed with different features. To get positive results, the products of your choice fit the body close & lay flat against the skin without any folds or gaps.

Moreover, bigger is always not the better when it comes to briefs & underwear. Leakage can still occur, so make sure to choose the product that is not big and has the exact level of protection. It will resemble, your body style too.

Absorbing the leak

All the incontinence products differ in absorbency from light protection for leaks to the highest levels of absorptions for all night comfort. The absorbency of the defecation can be labeled on the packet as light, moderate, heavy & throughout the night.  

Light absorbent products

The light absorbent incontinence products are best for those people or individuals with infrequent leaks but still require advanced protection.

Moderate Absorbent Products

Incontinence products with a slightly higher level of absorbency are appropriate for patients who are more incontinent & less mobile. Patients who have trouble making it to the restroom to take a leak can use them.  

Heavy Absorbent Products

These products of absorbency work best for people who are fully incontinent of urine & stool and dependent on others for care.

Super or All-night Absorbent Products

This type of incontinence product can work throughout day & night. It is best suited for patients with unstable diabetics and taking high doses of diuretics. Anyone who requires this product benefits from changing less often.  


The products of all the incontinence products displayed above possess numerous advantages:-


Unlike the old briefs you are used to wearing, the products of incontinence that incontinent patients use currently have upgraded features:-

These breathable back sheets allow improved breathability.

Polymers inside the incontinent underwear & briefs can turn urine into gel.  

Soft top sheets in the products reduce irritation & skin breakdown.


The protective underwear & briefs provided by us have advanced layers that assist the urine by quickly pulling it away from your skin. It turns the urine to gel & locks it in. Now your skin stays dry throughout the night.     


Just like all other products that contain specialised material for neutralising odor, especially urine. In the same way, the incontinent briefs & underwear can do the same. It makes its user feel more confident & confident th...

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